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Nate Davenport

The Necessity of Change

as i’m thinking about beginning of 2011, i hear people talking about the excitement of the new year. some people have had a rough year and are excited to put 2010 in the rearview, others have exciting things happening in this new year. but i think the one universal concept we all share, is the necessity of periodic change and refreshment. from the basic unit of the day changing to night, to the phases of the moon, to the path of the earth around the sun, change is built right into creation.

in 2010, i’ve undergone a lot of change in my life, probably more significant than any other year in recent memory. from the end of a relationship to the fabled “quitting my day job”, there’s been a lot going on.

“people get up every day, tell themselves they’re going to change their lives — they never do. i’m gonna change mine.” —the town

many people live their whole lives with the intention of something greater, but most of the time reach an equilibrium that’s somewhere in between giving up and achieving their goal. it’s a fascinating idea for me, how few people ever truly give up on their dreams, in spite of little or maybe even no progress toward them.

for some reason i don’t like the word “resolutions” when talking about goals for 2011, but here are my goals for this year:

1) play at least six full-band shows in texas and at least 70 acoustic shows around the country
2) finish recording the remainder of my new EP
3) gain ten pounds of muscle
4) read the rest of the harry potter books in time for 7.2
i think there are more but that’s all i can think of at the moment.

as an aside, i’d like to recommend an awesome web-based to-do list app i use, called TeuxDeux. it’s free on the web, and i downloaded a cheap app to my iphone which syncs with my online version, so i’ve always got it with me. it really helps me now that i’m self-employed and infamously forgetful. check it out if you need something like that.

what are your goals for 2011? let me know in the comments below, i’d love to hear them.


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14 Responses to “The Necessity of Change”

  1. Ty says:

    My goal for this year is the same as always. I wish to continue working on being a better me, leaving negativity in the past and spreading love everywhere I am. A smile is infectious is my motto for 2011.

    Thanks for sharing your goals. Much luck and success to you!

  2. Mocha :) says:

    My goals are to see you, Puffin, and to do so well this semester, that-instead of just one Honors class (like this semester)-I’ll be in all Honors classes by next semester, so that I can graduate with Honors. Also, I agree with Ty. I want to continue to share love and happiness with everyone I come in contact with. I feel like God and love are the answers to stressful situations and I want to try and remember that if I find myself struggling in life.
    You’re great Nate. I adore you and I know you will continue to go far. :) Celebrate your success!-don’t worry I’ll bring the confetti. 😉

  3. Vin Thomas says:

    Great post bro. For me, I have several goals that I have in mind:

    – Don’t weigh over 190lbs during 2011 ever
    – Go back to full-time self-employment through http://wearefixel.com and http://vintom.com
    – Regularly take Saturdays off (currently working 6days/week)
    – Get in a small group with my wife

    Blessings for 2011 bro!

    PS. One of those acoustic shows better be in my neck of the woods.

  4. cari says:

    I have several goals for the new year, and I too find that using the word ‘resolution’ tends to make them NOT happen. I started a blog so that I could hold myself accountable for them… and my first formal yoga class tonight is the start. :)

    I def need to come out to see you perform, Nate… so I’ll add that to my ‘To Do’ list.


    • nate.davenport says:

      go cari!! hope the yoga goes well. and i can’t wait to see you at a show, there’s one this saturday at stone street! i sent you an invite on facebook :)

  5. Jared Greene says:

    great blog. I have never really been on resolutions but i think that 2011 is time to start.
    my number one big change is that I’m moving to San Antonio,Tx as you already knew to look a job and just change my scenry.
    I also hope to save enough money to able to go to New Years in Times Square and CES in las vegas in 2012.
    I’m working a business plan to own my company as well as movie script which both I hope to have done by the end of 2012.

    by way, lookin forward to seeing you in a week and like 3 days

  6. I’ll help you with the 10lbs of muscle and I’ve got the HP books, however I will be no assistance in the recording of the EP!

    Some of my goals are to play more basketball to keep in shape, write more blog posts and spend more time with my family. Since Gma’s passing it’s been a constant reminder that life is fragile.

    • nate.davenport says:

      i had no idea you had the books! i need them asap!!

      darn, i was going to get you to sing a duet with me..

      good on ya man, family is so important

  7. Meg says:

    Your 2010 sounds like my 2009. So much change, in a short amount of time, and what I thought was going to go one way, went a completely different way and left me brokenhearted and ready for some change.

    Okay so I just discovered your website and I love reading blogs. My Sister has one, as do some of my friends. Your’s will be added to my blog reading list.

    Goals for 2011:

    1) Start my own blog.
    2) Take a vacation somewhere away from my hometown.
    3) Run another 5k.
    4) Drink more water and less Dr. Pepper.
    5) Spend as many Fridays with my Sister and her kids as possible.

    • nate.davenport says:

      it’s crazy how sometimes the rain just pours hey? let me know when you get your blog done, i’d love to check it out. also i do graphic design as a side job, so let me know if you want some help.

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