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Nate Davenport


Life is big : Music should match it :: I make that music.

Life is big : Music should match it :: I make that music

My name is Nate Davenport, and I make music because I love people. I’m over-trusting, idealistic, and naive, but I’m also inspired, inspiring, and infectious. I’m also discerning and entrepreneurial, however, completely handling the business end of my endeavors since my first gig in 2003. I love paradoxes, like the name of my 2009 album, Sweet Disaster, and like the music business.

I’m passionate about both aspects of that title: music and business. In regard to music, I released my debut offering in 2009, titled it Sweet Disaster, and then sought to become an expert in the latter part — business. Since then, I’ve

  • Played over 250 shows in support of it, both regionally and on national tour
  • Been featured on nationally-syndicated radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning
  • Shared stages with the likes of Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, and The Rocket Summer
  • Been featured on powerhouse blogs like Kings of A&R
  • Helped other indie artists via my contributions to IndependentRockstar.com
  • Sang The Star-Spangled Banner in front of 13,000 people at a few San Antonio Spurs games
  • Released a new single, “Comearound” in February 2011 to an overwhelming response, and supported it with a guerilla-style, house concert tour. Booked directly with my fans in the southwest, it offered intimate venues and the opportunity to build real relationships.
  • Relocated to Nashville
  • And most importantly, connected with audiences in settings ranging from an airport terminal to the AT&T center

That stuff is yesterday, boring. Let’s talk about tomorrow. I’m writing new material, which is my best yet, and I can’t wait to record and share it with those with whom I’ve connected so far. I’m working on building my team with fellow inspired and inspiring people, because I believe the business part can be just as creative and beautiful as the music.